Water, Water Everywhere

What is the number one concern home buyers have about their potential future home?

What is the number one issue that home inspectors find in a house?

The answer to both questions is water!!!

Able Home Inspection finds evidence of water issues in almost every house inspected. At the upper portion of the house it could be due to a worn out roof surface, ice dam caused roof leakage, chimney, vent pipe or skywindow flashing leakage.

At the lower portion and basement, it could be due to poor yard grading & drainage, high ground water, faulty sump pump, or plumbing issues.

Ice dam

Ice dams are problematic in New England. They can allow water into the structure which causes damage and supports mold growth. Sometimes these leakage issue go undetected for years behind finished walls and ceilings. An experienced inspector understands how a roof system should function and can spot ice dam evidence even in the warmer months when there is no snow on the roof.

Aside from causing rot and insects, water is the main ingredient for mold. Although in the case of many basements, actual water infiltration is not needed, because mold can also develop and thrive at certain humidity levels. This is why we recommend the use of a dehumidifier set at a relative humidity level of 50% in most basements.

The inspector at Able Home Inspection is trained and experienced to find all the various types of water issues that can adversely affect a home and its occupants.