Meet The Inspectors

Inspector Background / Qualifications:


Evan Robitaille Licensed home Inspector

Evan Robitaille

  • Licensed NH Home Inspector # 405.
  • Licensed MA Home Inspector # 801.
  • Has signed a “No Conflict Of Interest Pledge”.
  • Passed National Home Inspector Exam (2014).
  • Member American Society of Home Inspectors.
  • ASHI Fall 2016 Pest Control Matters Seminar.
  • ASHI Fall 2014 Plumbing Educational Conference.
  • ASHI Fall 2014 Structural Educational Conference.
  • ASHI (IR) Camera Use For Home Inspectors Seminar.
  • ASHI Fall 2015 Building Code Educational Conference.
  • ASHI Fall 2015 Chimney Issues Educational Conference.
  • NEPMA Wood Destroying Insect Inspection 2 Day Program.
  • ASHI MA Standards of Practice & Ethics Seminar Nov. 2015.
  • ASHI 2016 Seminar, Chimneys, Fireplaces & Hearth Applications.
  • ASHI Fall 2015 MA Standards of Practice Educational Conference.
  • ASHI Seminar Fall 2016 Field-Applied Polyurethane Foam Systems &
  • ASHI Preventing & Remediating Structural Insulated Panel Installation Problems.
  • ASHI Summer 2017 Heating & Air Conditioning & NH Revisions To Building Regulations.
  • ASHI Winter 2018 Standards of Practice & MA Code of Ethics & Overhead Garage Door Openers.
  • Inspecting Southern NH, Essex, Suffolk & Middlesex Counties in Massachusetts

Licensed Home Inspector Dennis Robitaille

Dennis Robitaille

About The Inspection:

Single family home inspections around 2000 Sq. Ft. require 3  to 4  hours on site, the report and photo editing requires another 3 to 4 hours to complete. Travel time averages about 1 1/2 hours. That’s why we only do one inspection per day. (What do you think you would be missing from the inspectors who do more than one inspection per day?) The report with color photos are e-mailed in .pdf format usually within 6 hours after the inspection. An inspection done to the MA or NH Standards of Practice for most homes around 2000 Sq. Ft. of living area is $595, larger homes or antique homes a little more, condos, smaller homes a little less. You are not paying just for time, but also for knowledge. Home inspectors know the value of their service and charge accordingly.

Inspection Related Educational Seminars Completed:

Ethics: 11-21-09. Electrical: 11-21-96. Pest Control: 5-24-04. Gas Heating 3-24-94. Inspection Regulations: 11-21-09. All About Roofs: 11-16-00. Basement Issues: 10-4-04. Structural Seminar 10-26-06. Sick House Syndrome: 11-19-92. Wheel Of Inspections: 19-19-06. Inspecting Older Homes: 9-27-01. ASHI Fall Conference 9-20-2010. ASHI Fall Conference 9-21-2010. ASHI Fall Conference Day One 2012. ASHI Fall Conference Day Two 2012. Central Heating Systems: 10-27-05. Central Cooling Training: 5-23-00. Residential Water Systems: 6-23-93. Structural Issues Seminar: 03-24-05. Electrical Issues Workshop: 1-13-05. Heating Seminar And Ethics: 11-6-08. Update On Building Codes: 5-27-99. Building Materials Seminar: 3-28-02. Roof And Ice Dam Seminar-3-19-09. Fire Safety & Code Compliance 6-27-13. Micro Heat Power Round table: 12-16-10. Pests, Bees And Termite Control: 6-22-00. Structural Investigation & Repair: 11-20-97. Forensic Fire Investigations 1-24-13. Report Writing & Electrical Seminar: 9-24-03. Home Inspector Regulations Seminar: 4-18-07. Wood Framing & Vinyl Siding Seminar: 3-27-03. Professional Techniques And Procedures: 3-3-01. ASHI Fall Conference – Sturbridge Village 9-24-07. Condensation Control & Mold In Buildings: 6-22-06. Role Of BBB And Use Of World Wide Web: 6-24-10. Public Health, Ground Water & Water Wells: 1-30-07. Massachusetts Home Inspection Regulations: 4-24-03. Building Failures Due To Moisture Problems: 11-18-93. The New MA Standards of Practice Seminar: 11-29-07. Legal Case Studies & Practices / Home Inspection: 11-6-04. Problems & Solutions In Light Frame Construction: 5-26-94. Inspection Of Wood, Slate & Asphalt Roof Coverings: 9-28-95. Air Conditioning / Heat Pumps & Oil Burning Equipment: 3-28-96. Structural Inspections Of Single & Multi-Family Dwellings: 3-26-92. American Ground Water Trust Public Health, Wells Seminar: 1-30-07. The Day in the life of a Realtor & Foundation Crack Inspection Seminar: 3-21-13. Home Inspector’s Seminar-Strawbery Banke (Antique Homes) 9-9-96 and 9-10-96. Preventing Conflicts Between Humans, Structures & Subterranean Termites: 3-8-02. 2014 ASHI Fall Conference Day 1. 2014 ASHI Fall Conference Day 2. Pests & Wood Destroying Insects 1-15-2015. Inferred Camera Use 4-23-2015. ASHI Fall 2015 Building Code, Chimney Issues & MA Standards of Practice, Educational Conference. 2016 ASHI Seminar, Chimneys, Fireplaces & Hearth Applications. Field-Applied Polyurethane Foam Systems Seminar – Preventing & Remediating Problems In SIP Installation 9/22/2016 ASHI Northern New England Chapter – ASHI Fall 2016 Pest Control Matters Seminar. ASHI 2017 Heating & Air Conditioning Seminar (Verification / certificates for any of the above, are available upon request.)

Updated 6/14/2018