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What Are The Home Inspection Fees In Peabody MA?

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Purchasing a home in Peabody, MA? Having a professional home inspection can help you determine if your purchase is a safe and sound one. Yes, you could pay as little as $350 for an inexperienced home inspector who will be done in under 2 hours, provides a handwritten checklist report with no photos and makes the real estate agent happy, but when you find major problems with the home down the road, you’re the one stuck, not the agent. The qualifications of a home inspector can be easily checked out on-line, but how do you know which inspector will really be working in your best interest? One resource that can help answer that question is the Independent Home Inspectors of North American. See what Shark Tank star and real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran advises about choosing a home inspector on Good Morning America interview.

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