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Our Barnstead NH home inspections help you make an informed buying decision because:

Our professional Barnstead NH home inspections help relieve home buying stress by providing factual information about the property conditions. So structural, electrical, heating, cooling, plumbing, roofing, siding and other home components are inspected. We offer photo filled detailed reports and they are emailed the same day.

We welcome and encourage clients to be present at the inspection because the inspection process is an educational experience.

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Barnstead NH Home Inspections

Dennis Robitaille
Licensed NH
Home Inspector
Providing Barnstead NH Home Inspections

Professional Barnstead NH home inspections can help you determine if your potential home is safe, sound or needs repairs not disclosed. Check out this real estate agent interview about choosing a home inspector.

Check out the undisclosed water penetration and life threatening issues we have uncovered.

As a prospective home buyer, you have the right to hire an inspector of your own choosing.

So why do some real estate agents try to influence your inspector choice? Is it because some real estate agents, however, view a thorough, non-bias home inspection as a threat to their sales commission. If a real estate agent insists that you use one of their “recommended” or “approved” inspectors, you should contact your attorney.

Prospective home buyers must keep in mind that real estate agents receive a commission from the property seller and are working in the best interest of their client, (the seller.) Because you’re the one paying the home inspector as the prospective home buyer, that inspector should be working in your best interest.

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