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How Much Do Beverly MA Home Inspectors Charge?


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Thanks again for a very thorough and professional home inspection. I really appreciated the fact that you didn’t patronize or talk down to me but were perfectly happy to educate me whenever I requested information. Clear communication is very obviously one of your strong assets. Considering the thoroughness of your work, I was a little surprised that the real estate agent was also impressed with your inspection. She told me that she felt you were fair and weren’t “out to get” the homeowner or the agents and didn’t try to unnecessarily scare or alarm me. I credit your inspection report for helping convince the seller to come down by $5,000 on the asking price before we signed the P & S. I credit your straightforward talk for making me realize that $5,000 is only part of what it will cost to maintain that old house through the first two years. Thanks again, Dorothy Roof, Beverly, MA

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