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Able Home Inspection Of MA, NH & ME

Helping home buyers with emotionally charged buying decisions since 1983. We provide valuable inspection information conveyed through an easy to understand detailed report with photos. Our home inspections reveal the true condition of the structural, electrical, heating, cooling, plumbing, roofing, siding and many other home components.

Yes, you could pay as little as $350 for an inexperienced home inspector who will be done in under 2 hours and gives you an on the spot handwritten checklist “report” that makes the real estate agent happy; But when you find major problems (expensive ones) with the home down the road, you’re the one stuck, not the agent.

Should you be concerned about whether your home inspector will work in your best interest? Did you know there is an inherent conflict of interest when the agent selling a house, also recommends the home inspector to the prospective buyer? This is also true even if the agent hands you a list of 3 inspectors. Did you know that you can remove this inherent conflict of interest by hiring an independent home inspector? Also, have you checked if your potential home inspector:

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